Idea or Theory?

Is The Hammar Axis a Theory Or Just an Idea?

How many times have you heard someone say “Oh, it’s just a theory!” about something in order to discredit what ever it is being spoken about?

In everyday, plain speak, the word “Theory” is used in place of “hunch”, “idea”, “speculation”, “hypothesis”, “guess” etc. But to the scientific community the word “Theory” is used very differently.

In science, a theory is considered to be a collection of hypothesis which have individually or jointly received some “authoritative” support, linked together logically to coherently explain some aspect of reality.

Of course, being a theory does not automatically make the idea correct. It can still be shown to be incorrect by experimentation, observation of discovering a flaw in the logic.

As The ‘Theory’ of the Hammar Axis is the result of linking the findings of known events and well supported hypothesis together it can be rightfully called a theory.

Interestingly, although the theory of the Hammar Axis was born and grew from quite a few different accepted theories and working systems, Thor Hammaraxx went to great pains while writing the book The Hammar Axis, not to call it a theory. Instead he opted for the word “idea”.

The Hammar Axis Theory is supported by findings from the following theories & accepted understandings:

Foucault’s Pendulum & Newtons first law of motion, The structure of the galaxy as supported by modern telescope imagery, Theories that many stone structures were used to track the Sun & the Moon, The known orbits of the Moon around the Earth and that system around the Sun, What has been documented supporting the “Precession of the stars” and the still unexplained current theory for the Precession of the stars.


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