darkbake (via ATS)

I completely agree. I was thinking about this theory about a year ago, I’m really glad to see it so well thought out and presented here. I am pretty sure this is what happens. I also think that when the solar system passes through the galactic center, we can experience a pole shift and other effects such as days of darkness, enhanced solar activity and spiritual effects as well. darkbake

ForOurChildren (via ATS)

You have obviously thought about the mechanics of precession for some time to come up with your theory and to have presented it such a concise manner. I also have tried to understand these motions but find it hard to nail it down to a statistical framework in which it’s predictable all the time. ForOurChildren

Harry Haller (via ATS)

This is most interesting and well presented, thank you. The Precession of the the equinoxes is one of the basic building blocks of our “science” and your theory could explain it admirably, it seems to for me, no inconsistency, and fits my own understandings. Harry